New Arrivals to The Sunshine Factory

2013 has finally come to a close, and with the start of a new year comes lots of great new changes.
It’s almost time for the January edition of The Sunshine Factory, my monthly pop-up shop in Bernal Heights!  We’ve got a few new arrivals to the shop this month, including:

PF Candle Co. candles 

in fresh scents grapefruit and lavender as well as savory pumpkin, teakwood & tobacco, and amber & moss

Visualingual Seed Bombs

and a new crop of air plant crystals

Join me next weekend January 18-19th in person at 698 Precita Avenue. at York st.
11am – 6pm and shop vintage clothing, treasures, housewares, art, and more


Cutey cutey cuteness

Sometimes you find something so adorable you simply must blog about it.

I recently stumbled upon these handmade journals on Etsy that are blowing my mind!!  From the gorgeous leather bound design to the pastel hues, this lady is doin it RIGHT and no one can deny the awesomeness of these English beauties.  I’m already longing for spring just looking at them!

Jackdaw Bindery
Notebooks for all occasions by Louise Knight-Richardson

pale peach / rust / sage / lilac

There are even larger notebooks for your art sketches that feature acid free cotton rag paper for when inspiration strikes on the go, as well as the Musician’s Stave Leather Journal which is lined with musical staff paper. Love!!!

What a great gift they would make for your special someone, especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner!



New Air Plants in the shop!

Happy 2014 y’all!!!!

Ring in the New Year with a new air plant from my stillwife shop!  So many gorgeous mineral and plant pairings available now, and this week only get free shipping with the coupon code ‘FREESHIP’.  These beauties are sure to spice up your space and only require weekly water spritzing and ambient light to maintain health.

Tillandsia Bulbosa w/ Smokey Quartz

Fuchsii v gracilis w/ Green Calcite

Amethyst Crystal w/ Utriculata v prengelii

Celestite w/ Tillandsia Stricta

Christmas Pop-up Shop THIS Weekend

After a few months off due to the holiday rush, The Sunshine Factory is back!

This weekend December 21st and 22nd we’ll be open 11-6 for all your last minute Precita Valley Christmas shopping needs.  Stop by for the perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself, from vintage bags, cocktail dresses, and furs to locally made soaps, notebooks, and much more.

Where: 698 Precita Avenue (at York St.)
When: 11am-6pm Saturday and Sunday December 21st and 22nd 2013



Vintage Sale at Bell Jar This Weekend!

Come celebrate the season with a bit of holiday shopping at the Bell Jar this weekend!  Bell Jar will be hosting a slue of vintage cocktail dresses from the collection of owner Sasha Darling and myself this weekend from 12-7 at 3187 16th street at Guerrero. Dozens of silky, flowy maxis, 60′s sexy minis, velvet jewel tone dresses, and much more!

Saturday Flowers is also back for a holiday edition! Lovely handmade wreaths adorned with eucalyptus and other magical elements will be for sale Saturday!  Be sure to stop by for some holiday cheer Bell Jar style!  Tons of ornaments and small gifts are now in the store and are perfect for everyone on your list!

Check out the Facebook event HERE  for more details!


still life with @stillwife

When I was growing up, I never knew making things pretty was a job.  I’m so glad I do now!  As you may know I’m an Instagram addict, and post photos related to my designs and business on a daily basis. Insta has connected me with so many cool designers, bloggers, shop owners, and fun people to share my life with through photography.  I often post photos of vintage items I find and get a lot of questions about what’s for sale and what’s personal collection, as is the nature of collecting and selling vintage, your house becomes a revolving door of awesomeness!

This week I’ll be starting a new series of still life photos on the blog and Instagram hash tagged #stillwife in which everything featured is for sale via my Etsy store.  You can check in with the blog to find links for each item, and one to purchase the whole arrangement (in case you’re ballin like that).

Here we go!

Vintage Gold Glam Turtleneck  $38

Cream Sparkle Cardigan  $35

Samsonite Small Luggage  $52

Amber Feather Bow Tie  $62

The Whole Shebang!


Be sure to follow along @stillwife on Instagram for more to come!

New Fall Feather Preview

Bye bye indian summer, it’s officially fall!  Spending the last week in Canada at a family wedding was a real reminder that it’s finally serious sweater season here in SF.  Seriously.  You may need a scarf.  I took advantage of the season change by buying a vintage fur hat in Calgary, while celebrating by getting inspired for a new holiday collection of feather bow ties!

Mini Peacock Feather Bow Tie $62

I’ve also made this run of bow ties available in two sizes: Mini or Standard, which vary an inch in width and offer a range of styles for those who want to keep it low key, or really stand out.

Peach Mini Feather Bow Tie (ft. vintage fabric strap/ leather center) $62

Champagne Lady Amherst Feather Bow Tie $62

In addition to the most recent members of the Etsy store, the Turquoise Feather Bow Tie and Black Turkey Feather Bow Tie there’s also a few bold Pea Green feather bow ties, and a great Robins Egg Blue.

On our trip I became obsessed with a particular yellow house on the block with two huge yellow trees in front that was for sale!

The foliage was amazing, I was pretty tempted to scoop up all these pine cones and take them back to the city with us! From above they tell such a perfect story of how each one fell and form a gorgeous pattern. The above photo is of a light green ground cover changing colors. I couldn’t resist its charm!


Who is Willie?

Who is Willie, you ask? For those readers who have not already witnessed the fur covered angel that is my upstairs neighbors’ tiny chihuahua, get ready. Willie is a 15 year old masterpiece of yoda-like adorableness, who will stare at you with his giant eyes and derpy tongue that flops out of the side of his tiny mouth. He loves a good lap, or a blanky nest next to you. He’ll let you kiss his tiny walnut sized head and totally wants that spinich salad you’re eating.  He lives upstairs, but sometimes when his mom and dad are busy, comes to hang out at our house (cause we never leave lol). Perfect babysitters, right down here.

Here’s a few of lil Will’s cameos on the Instagram! @stillwife

Be sure to keep up with me on Instagram @stillwife for when Willie pops up again!

Sunshine Factory: July Edition

Last weekend was the July edition of The Sunshine Factory Pop-up Shop, a little event I do monthly to encourage local business and general neighborhood camaraderie, and it was awesome. Here’s a few snaps from the weekend in case you missed it!

Every third weekend of the month join me for a cozy neighborhood shopping experience, in our convertible space that features vintage and handmade local products.

Where: 698 Precita Ave at York st. San Francisco, CA

When: August 17-18 2013

….. adorable vintage shoes, handmade jewelry, plants and vintage finds adorn the shelves …..

….. everyone needs a little cactus in their life …..

…… new clutchies by Little Otto Shop ……

…… vintage trolley planter w/ succulent arrangement in the newly vibed case ……

… sooo many kids tried to get the deer planter (lol) re-thinking that one’s positioning for next time ..

…… vintage polaroid kits for sale as well as swanky mid century planters ……

….. a colorful array of 60′s dresses …..

….. Etta + Billie soaps and lotions come in so many blissful scents! …..

….. mint and yellow mid century planters featuring aloe and succulents …..


Let’s talk about plants..

Can’t get enough of those sunny succulents?  The geometric beauties of the desert now adorn homes across the world, and with basic maintenance they make great companions for on-the-go city dwellers.  Following a few simple guidelines, you can keep your succulents happy and healthy, cutting out the guesswork or bad experiences of the past.

I’ll now be featuring a new planter every week, along with tips on how they’re picked, choosing plants to compliment your piece, and how to accessorize your planter to be a one of a kind gift or matel topper at your own pad.  I specialize in sourcing specific 1950′s-70′s ceramic planters in great condition that are both aesthetically pleasing and collectible due to the nature of their age and brand.  Something so delicate that has lasted over 50 years without a chip is truly a thing of beauty..! <3

This mid-century deer planter was found at a local flea market, lonely and in need of a bath for sure!  I have a special fondness for figurative planters- they are harder to come by and yet still off the radar of your average thrift shopper.  There are lots of ways to tell which are oldest, most valued, and covetable by examining them thoroughly.

First observe for age and cuteness- is it tickling your totes adorbz bone?  Be careful not to be fooled by cheap modern knockoffs!  Most of the cutest vintage 50′s-60′s planters are Japanese and feature big eyes, round smiling faces, hand painted details, and will feature a “made in japan” marking or shiny label on the underside.

A carving or stamp of any sort underneath will tip you off to its age, if there is no marking or label then chances are it’s not as old as you think, and may have just come from last year’s Kmart Halloween section.  A few names to keep an eye out for are Napco, Inarco, and Enesco.  You’ll gain knowledge just by going to the flea market or thrift stores every week, picking up every planter and checking for that magic label.  Royal Copley also has a ton of lovely (and cute) styles of planter.  You’ll get to know which vintage designs you’re more drawn to, as there are so many different kinds out there in the world.  Here’s a few examples of classic Japanese cutesy ceramics on the web:

via Etsy

via Etsy

Next check for chips, cracks, and anything you can’t scrub off.  If there are cracks, don’t go there. Just walk away.  The last thing you want is a leaking plant, and it’s just not worth investing in the plants and your time only to have to take everything out because your planter is beyond repair.  Chips are a bit of a different story, one or two won’t hurt if they’re in a place that can’t be seen, or can be repaired with a little touch up- I like Sharpie oil based paint pens.  If there is evidence of wear inside the planter, give any dirty areas a scratch with the ol’ fingernail to see if it’ll come off and how easily.  Some stains from use can become hard and crusty and can’t be scraped or cleaned off later, so make sure they’re not in any important areas like your dog planter’s face!

Later this week I’ll be showing you a step-by-step process for picking plants, moss, and rocks for your new planter and teaching you how to maintain your new arrangement.  Stay tuned..! <3