New Air Plant Creations!


I am so excited for these new air plant crystals to hit the shop today!

Smokey Quartz        Spirit Quartz        Citrine        Smokey Quartz


Spirit Quartz, also known as Cactus Quartz,  is a unique crystal and features both small and large crystal forms. It is found only in the Magaliesberg Mountain region of South Africa and is a crystal of Harmony and Alignment. It is said to stimulate creativity be particularly helpful in artistic endeavors!


Natural Citrine is a premier stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will.  It is said to clear the mind and stir the soul to action while grounding and dissipating negative energy. Pave the way for new beginnings and fresh pursuits with this lovely citrine!

Grounding and uplifting, the smokey quartz also provides a subtle energy of protection and balance.


 and don’t forget this little California Calcite! Yellow calcite works to stimulate the intellect and can help one organize intellectual thoughts and information.

These lovely crystals make great gifts and only require minimal care.  Need a daily boost at your desk or just a pretty little friend to look at?  These guys may just be what you’re seeking..!

March 22nd + 23rd Pop-up Shop


Join me this weekend for the cutest little vintage, local and handmade shopping experience on the hill!

We have loads of cute spring dresses as well as new purses, sandals, seeds and air plants.
Happy Spring y’all!

Saturday and Sunday March 22-23 11am-6pm @ 698 Precita Ave. (at York) 


Spring Seed Tutorial


Spring has sprung in San Francisco! Yes, it’s only March, but with the coming of the cherry blossoms and the longer, sunnier days you can’t help but want to be in nature- and if you’re like me- start growing things.

One of my favorite local flowers is the Passionflower, which grows wild all over the city- especially the Mission and Bernal Heights.  I have long admired a neighbor’s Blue Passionflower vine that covers a whole fence and blooms spectacularly ornate white and purple flowers for several months of the year.  It’s always covered in butterflies, and crawls up and down a fairytale trellis and around the fence- seriously, it’s magical.

 They appear around SF in a variety of colors from punchy pink to subtle beautiful white.

via Instagram 

I’ve tried growing passionflower before from seed but never had any luck- not even one sprout!  Womp womp. But this year I was ready- and when my neighbor’s vine finally fruited, I grabbed a few of those suckers and gave it a go.  After collecting and drying the seeds, I eventually planted them.  A few weeks later my seedlings appeared! I could not be more proud, so I thought I’d share!

S T E P  O N E :
Spot and pick your passion fruit!  The seeds are in the fruit, which form after the flowers have died.  You can see in the photo the dried up flower shape above the fruit.  When a passion fruit is ready to be picked it will be very yellow and come off the vine easily.  


S T E P  T W O :
Cut your fruit open and squeeze all the seeds out into a cup or bowl.  

S T E P  T H R E E :
Wash your seeds and get as much of the gooey stuff off as possible.  Rinse and repeat until they are clean.


S T E P  F O UR :
Spread your seeds out on a piece of paper or in a glass dish/tray. Leave in a dry area of your home where they won’t be disturbed.  Your seeds will shrivel up and not look like weird gooey shit soon!  After a few weeks, the seeds are fully dried, plant a few seeds a few inches apart 1/2 inch deep in a medium size pot and water daily. Keep the soil moist and place in the sunniest spot you have.  I started mine on the roof last month.

Passionflower seeds can take weeks, even months to sprout- but when they do it’s magical.
The waiting is the hardest part, but so worth it!


There are so many amazing vines around San Francisco and the passionflower comes in an array of colors.  If you see a ripe fruit, grab one and try growing your own!


March Pop Up Shop


The March edition of The Sunshine Factory pop up shop has been pushed one week (for my bday! sorry guys) and will be happening next weekend March 22nd-23rd. Poster and additional details coming soon! #headsup   Xo 

Spring Window Fun!

I had so much fun doing this dip-dyed window last week for Bell Jar I thought I’d post about the process and concept.  Yay for tassels!

The inspiration for this concept was fiber art, and we wanted to use a large scale vibrant yet beautiful way to excite people for spring.


Fiber art is in the midst of a huge comeback and has me trolling the internet and my local thrift stores for epically vibey wall hangings.

Here’s a few that inspire me personally, from straight outta the 70′s jute to modern patterns of bushy colored yarn.

I just love the hugeness of this owl macrame!! I was inspired by the size and decided to use big cotton piping for the dyed cords to have a sort of ‘in process’ feel.

Unfinished, inviting.


via Andy Harman


I also love these examples of clean modern shapes in the wool and amazing color combinations!

wovens via Etsy

 We decided to go with big fabric tassels hanging from dip dyed cords for the best of all worlds, and after sourcing the materials I went to work.

I tore long strips of muslin, folded them in half and wrapped the tops to create the tassels. I cold-water dip dyed a variety of pastel hues for the cords and tassels and hung them to dry.

It was a bit difficult keeping the white end of the 15 ft ropes away from the colored end, but having a ladder and clothesline definitely helped!


I attached the tassels to the cords, and strung the ropes from the ceiling at varying heights- with my fave big peachy ones in front!  Swirled the length of the ropes in circles in front of the dress form and ta-da! Xo!

February Pop-up Shop

flyer-11inx17in-h-frontCome celebrate V-day with a little vintage shopping at The Sunshine Factory this weekend, February 15th -16th from 11am- 6pm! Lots of lovely new products including..

photo-2745paper goods from Quill & Fox, glass cloches, and vintage purses
photo-2746Cocomels - vegan caramels made with coconut milk
available in original and java flavors.. om nom nom

amethyst crystals now available in store

Stop by and say hey! 698 Precita Ave. in San Francisco CA (at York st)

The Sunshine Factory featured in Refinery 29


Oh Refinery, how I love thee. Many an hour have I spent reading your plethora of articles on everything from local SF life to the Biebs’ latest vehicular drama. Now I’m pleased to grace your digital pages in the new Ultimate Guide to Bernal Heights!

My monthly pop-up shop, The Sunshine Factory, is featured amongst so many great local businesses like Succulence and Rock Bar and sheds light on a few other shops I can’t wait to check out.  Read the article and see for yourself why Bernal Heights is the hawtest hood on planet earth!


Refinery 29 Feature!

I could not be more excited- my ‘Real Girl Real Beauty‘ feature went live today on! It was so fun meeting Refinery’s team of talented ladies and doing the shoot at our pad! Hope you guys enjoy my beauty tips and tricks <3